Udemy Courses Review-I Spent 1000 USD On Udemy

Is udemy courses are useless? Please check this udemy review for the answer. I spent 1000 USD on udemy courses and here is my review of udemy courses

Online education has become most prominent and popular as one can learn any course from home easily. There are several online website based applications which can provide online classes with their videos having experienced and professional instructors. Instructors from all over the world are present on Udemy.com which makes it the most productive online learning platform on the internet. Besides having online training programs, it also has the space for the experienced professionals those who want to be an instructor. A well-experienced professional can become an instructor on Udemy easily by a simple process and also can be popular as it is seen by the people all over the world. Udemy uses the videos made by the expert instructors for their profit and the instructors can also get the profit based on the views on the video posted by them.

udemy review

This is my second review,please my read my first review. Here is my team treehouse review.

Popularity and status

Udemy has been active on the internet from nearly a decade since 2010 and there are tons of videos over a massive number of topics. It is the most used websites by the professional lecturers as well as graduates for academic-related videos. The real-time videos on Udemy are made easy to understand with qualified professionals and instructors which can also be used for the real-time applications by the students. Academic-related videos are made by a complete explanation as well as the visual learning process which get register on the minds of listeners easily. Programming courses are made so simple and anyone who wants to give a try to the programming from scratch can surely attempt for Udemy.com.

Benefits and certification

  • Videos on Udemy contains PowerPoint presentation, PDF, Audio, live videos and day wise classes.
  • Lectures contain classes regarding business, economics, entrepreneurship, academics, arts, health etc and all of them are visualized by the most convenient format of presentations.  
  • Live videos are more beneficial as students get to interact with the lecturers and can also clarify their doubts upon the explained topic at that moment.
  • There are over 2000 training courses over design, programming, management, science, and business. All of them have tons of lectures which also include power point presentation, real-time subjections etc.
  • Instructors from any business or organization can earn by this website easily.
  • Free courses are also available on each and every subject required by the graduates as well as school students. These videos are similar to the paid ones in quality as well as the explanation process.

Students those who have attended the regular live sessions of the lecturers can be certified by the recognized authorities. These certificates can also be useful in job-related interviews as they are certified by renowned organizations as well as a university the one from which the instructor belongs to. Apart from this the skills which are obtained by the Udemy videos are equally effective as the coaching institutions. Both paid, as well as free videos, can be easily saved and any doubts regarding the topic can be clarified easily just by posting them on the website or by contacting the lecturer with the details provided.


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