Team Treehouse Review 2018:Is It Worth Signing Up For Free Trial?

Don’t signup for team treehouse free trial before reading this team treehouse review.Is Team Treehouse worth your money? Can I get a job after completing Techdegree?Check out all these questions answers on this Team Treehouse Techdegree review. Find out my thoughts on treehouse in this review.

If you have searched learn code online, then you might come across the site Team TreeHouse.Team Treehouse is the leading online platform to learn code.I started my coding journey with team treehouse.I completed my computer engineering degree back in 2015.During my curriculum, I learn c++ and Java programming languages.My college teachers are worst when it comes to teaching programming language.They only teach programming theories and not actual practicals.My College teacher made me realized that programming is hard, You have to be good at math and so many useless things.
“You don’t need to be good at maths to learn coding”
At that time I feel programming is boring and not for me.I stopped learning programming and focus on other carrier options.After completing my graduation, I decided to choose digital marketing as my profession.I have four years experience in digital marketing.

At the start I love my job but after three years realize that I am doing same work every day.I am not learning new skills, technique.I am not excited about my work anymore.I want to leave my job and want to get a new exciting job.One day, I was on youtube, and suddenly Teamtreehouse ads run before the youtube video.I thought Teamtreehouse has something to do with trees and house.

I was curious I clicked that ad and visit the site.I found that treehouse is a platform that teaches programming.I haven’t written a single line of code for last few years.My college teacher said that the programming is not for you.I was very curious at that time to check what is currently happening in the programming.I spend few minutes scrolling and reading treehouse site.

After spending few hours on site, I found that treehouse is a legitimate platform to learn coding online.I watched Teamtreehouse student testimonials, and I was surprised that student from the non-IT background and don’t have any prior programming experience are now learning programming with Teamtreehouse.I watched Teamtreehouse youtube testimonials, and I subscribed to Teamtreehouse youtube channel.Team Treehouse youtube channel has some excellent content.At Teamtreehouse youtube channel, you will find the interviews of treehouse teacher.

You will also see the Live coding video where the teacher does live code programming in front of students.
After hearing all the positive feedback, I decided to buy the Teamtreehouse membership program.I purchased TeamTreehouse membership and start learning python programming.

treehouse review

Pros of Team Treehouse:
1>Team Treehouse is the best place to learn coding without spending thousands of dollars.
2>Treehouse has thousands of courses.On this Team Treehouse, you will find all types of courses including Java, HTML, CSS, Python, android, ios and many more.
3>Self Placed-All Teamtreehouse tracks are self-paced this means that the videos are prerecorded.You can watch this videos anytime and anywhere.You can start your track anytime.You can resume your track anytime.
4>Team Treehouse has HD quality videos that you can easily watch on any devices.
5>Live Code Practice-Many people find it is tough to install software packages, development tools, and other steps.For a newbie who never codes before it is the biggest hurdle to set up a development environment on a computer.Team Treehouse does the excellent job of developing online code engine.You can run your code online directly in your browser without installing any software.I think a teacher should use this technique in college.You don’t have to worry about installing and setuping development tools on your computer.TreeHouse does all this for you.You just need to focus on learning.
5>Support-Treehouse has one of the excellent support team.If you have any problem with your code or if you are not able to understand programming concept then you can ask them to Team Treehouse forums.Team Treehouse has one of the most active programming forum.You can ask a question on the forum, and other fellow members and teacher will answer your code.

6>Badges and points to keep you motivated to code.

At the time of writing this Teamtreehouse review, I don’t find any significant treehouse cons.Sometimes they have credit card issue.Sometime treehouse can’t accept your credit card.If your credit card is not working with them, then you can use PayPal.

Treehouse plans and pricing:

plans and pricing
Let’s move on to the most import part of this treehouse review, and that is pricing.You don’t want to burn your pocket to learn coding.Treehouse has two main plans: basic and pro plan.
A>Basic plan
1>Basic plan cost you 25$/month
2>You get direct access to the thousands of high-quality course
3>Interactive tools
4>Support from other treehouse students.

B>Pro Plan
1>Price of team treehouse pro plan is 49$ dollars/month
2>Live code engine to practice coding
3> High-quality video courses and study material
4>Offline video download facility available
5>Dedicated Member only forums

My thoughts on treehouse plans and pricing:
I subscribed to Treehouse pro plan.I think treehouse pro plan is better than free plan.You can buy a treehouse basic plan.I don’t find any wrong in Treehouse basic plan.If you have a tight budget and you can’t afford to purchase treehouse pro plan then don’t worry go with the basic plan.Treehouse free and pro plan have the same training courses and material.
In treehouse pro plan you can download videos offline on your computer or mobile.You can watch this videos online.
Live code engine will help you to do coding practice without leaving treehouse environment.
WIth Treehouse basic plan you don’t get access to bonus content.Honestly, I don’t think this bonus material is an important point that distinguishes between basic and pro plan.

Team Treehouse Tracks:
Treehouse has total 8 track that you can take.You can try this tracks with treehouse basic or pro plan.
1>Web Design
2>Web Development
3>Rails Development
4>PHP Development
5>iOS Development
6>Android Development
7>WordPress Development
8>Starting a Business

Treehouse Topics:
Treehouse covers following programming languages.
10>Development Tools

Treehouse has everything that you can use to learn code.Treehouse has all the information that you need to turn newbie programmer to expert programmer.

Treehouse Tech degree review:

Techdegree is the best ways to get programming skills to get a job.An industry expert designs these Techdegree courses.After completing the course Techdegree, you will quickly get skills that you can use in the real world.Techdegree cost you $199 per month which cheaper than the boot camp price
Treehouse Benefits:
1>Inside the techdegree you will find lecture videos, quizzes, tools, project.
2>Techdegree Curriculum is designed by the industry expert who knows what currently trending in the industry.
3>During this Techdegree program you will complete 12 projects.Expert professional and other students review your projects.This projects will help you to improve your coding skills.

4>custom designed curriculum

5>Portfolio of 12 real-world projects

6>Official Techdegree Certificate

Treehouse currently offered four Techdegree:
1>Front End
2>Full Stack JavaScript
3>Python web development
4>ios development
I love the Teamtreehouse Techdegree.I signup for python web development Techdegree.I completed 25% of the Techdegree syllabus, and I like it.
If you want to supercharge your skills to the new level, then team treehouse Techdegree is for you.

Common Questions and Answers

1>Is Team Treehouse Worth it?
Yes, Team Treehouse Worth your money.If you compare Team Treehouse with other online learning platforms, then you will find that Treehouse is better than others.
2>Do you recommend Treehouse to other?
Yes, I recommended treehouse to anyone who wants to learn coding.
3>Is Team Treehouse Beginner Friendly?
Yes, Team Treehouse is beginner friendly.All the team treehouse courses are designed in such way that complete newbie can do it.
4>Is Treehouse Techdegree Worth it?
Yes, Techdegree is the best way to learn coding quickly.
5>Can I get a job after completing a Techdegree?
Yes or No.It is completing depend on your hard work, passion.
Techdegree covers everything that will help you to get a job.

I hope this Team Treehouse review will help you to get complete information of treehouse. I hope this treehouse techdegree review help you.


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